[Fedora-directory-users] ldapsearch issue, FDS vs. OL

Rich Megginson rmeggins at redhat.com
Fri Jul 1 16:08:56 UTC 2005

Brian K. Jones wrote:

>Hi all, 
>I'm getting some odd behavior from FDS when I do an ldapsearch using the 
>openldap "ldapsearch" command line tool. Basically, if I do a search like 
>this one: 
>ldapsearch -x -LLL '(!(roomNumber=10*))' uid 
>I should get back the uid's of those whose room numbers do not start with 
>When I do this search against openldap, I get what I would expect. The data I 
>asked for, and nothing else. A list of uid's. 
>Under FDS, I'm getting a list of every single distinguished name for every 
Except the users that have roomnumber=10*?

>If that user matches the search term, I also get the uid. If they 
>don't, I just get the dn. Why is this? I don't want the dn unless it matches.
So, let me see if I understand.

With FDS, you get the DN for every entry except those that have 
roomnumber=10*, and for those entries which have a uid, you also get the 

With OL, you get only the DN and uid for every entry with a uid except 
those with roomnumber=10*?

>I feel like I've had this issue before, but I don't remember exactly, and I 
>certainly don't remember how I fixed it. 
>Any clues are hereby solicited. 
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