[389-users] Replication: update of supplier via referral from consumer not working

Mitja Mihelič mitja.mihelic at arnes.si
Tue Nov 3 14:13:38 UTC 2009

Rich Megginson wrote:
> Mitja Mihelič wrote:
>> I have entered "ldap://supplier.example.com:389/dc=example, dc=com"
>> in the "Current URLs for referrals (Optional)" field.
> Why?  Replication sets the referrals automatically - that's why the
> console lists this field as (Optional).  Don't use these referrals
> unless you have to.
Deleted the referral.
> Secondly, you have a space in there - use dc=example,dc=com instead. 
> If you need to have spaces and other meta-characters in the LDAP URL,
> see http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4516.txt
The space crept in there at the directory server creation. There was no
need for that space so I removed it by recreating the base suffix.
After that everything fell into place.

Thank you for your help Rich!

Mitja Mihelič

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