[389-users] Attribute Rewrite / overlay?

Tim Hartmann hartmann at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Nov 6 20:12:20 UTC 2009

Rich Megginson wrote:
> Tim Hartmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We've run into a situation where we are looking at chaining our 
>> directory with another directory, but need to rewrite one of the 
>> attributes? We need "cn: Joe User" to show up as "displayName: Joe 
>> User"  In my research I noticed a feature which looked like it did 
>> that in openldap, and was hoping there was something similar in 389.
>> http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/overlays.html#Rewrite/Remap
>> I've dug into ACI's Views and COS and nothing seems to do remapping, 
>> though this thread gave me hope, but doesn't seems like it's quite 
>> what I'm looking for...
>> http://www.mail-archive.com/fedora-directory-users@redhat.com/msg09764.html 
>> Has anyone done attribute remapping with 389 or is that still in the 
>> roadmap?
> Sorry - still on the roadmap.
>> Thanks!
>> Tim
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Thanks Rich, I'll come up with a work around until it's implemented!

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