[389-users] Access.conf issue

Andrey Ivanov andrey.ivanov at polytechnique.fr
Mon Nov 23 07:12:52 UTC 2009

2009/11/23 Prashanth Sundaram <psundaram at wgen.net>

> Thanks Robert. That seems to work well.
> But here is my scenario I have a bunch of Groups and not sure if I can
> specify multiple groupdn's in ldap.conf.
> Group1= Developers on Project1 need access to only proj1 servers
> Group2= QA on Project1 need access to proj1 servers only
> Group3= sysadmins accesss to all servers

Even if you can't specify several groups in groupdn you can always change
the filter in pam_filter to something like :

Of course you need at first to enable the memberOf plug-in...

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