Paul W. Frields paul at
Sat Jul 3 17:13:20 UTC 2004


Since Tammy is currently out, would you like to step in and talk about
projects that are either partly completed or need to be started, and in
what order we might want to tackle them? We have a solid albeit small
crew who, it seems, would probably like to start on some "real" FC
documentation. (At least I hope so... the list has been rather quiet of
late.) I would guess that a big part of that would be making some
decisions on tutorials that are badly needed, rather than waiting for
someone to walk in and suggest them.

Some of my suggestions:
- Installation guide? What's the status currently? Need help?
- Setting up a local mirror for FTP/HTTP/NFS installation and
system-intall-packages (yes, much of the former is in the anaconda docs,
but it needs a more newbie-friendly home)
- Setting up said mirror for provision of updates through up2date (as
opposed to the manual yum/apt stuff)
- General documentation of binutils and other command-line stuff for the
masses (Done already in official RH docs, but we need new, clean-room
versions for GFDL)

Maybe my "targeting system" is a little off here. My interest lies in
making Fedora Core accessible to Joe Newbie, while other people here
might be particularly averse to that line of thinking. Back when I used
Red Hat Linux, I always pointed people to the official Red Hat guides,
because they were darn good, solid docs. They taught one to take
advantage of the many nice ease-of-use facilities available in the
distro, while still encouraging digging underneath if one were so

I want people starting to use Fedora Core to have some of the same
advantages I feel I had using Red Hat Linux, without having to resort to
forking out a lot of cash to get a book that in large part goes over the
same type of material.

If anyone thinks I am way off base, say so. (You can't scare me, I'm a
parent!) :-D

Paul W. Frields, RHCE

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