Problems with my Lucent winmodem under FC2 !!!!

Pablo pablo at
Sun Jul 25 00:13:44 UTC 2004

I'm having troubles installing my lucent winmodem under Fedora Core 2.
I downloadad the lasta driver available from, succesfully
compiled (with no errors at all). The symlinks are correct and both modules
are generated. The problem is that the system doesn´t recognize the modules'
format. Even when I try to install them with insmod or load the modules with
modprobe I get an error message: "Unrecognized module format". Of course,
with KPPP I cannot dial. The message is that the modem is busy when I try to
use the /dev/modem port. I tryed with two different chipsets models (both
supported by the driver) in two different computers (one AMD Athlon 2600+
with 512Mb. RAM and another Athlon Thunderbird 900Mhz. with 128Mb. RAM).
Can anybody help me with this? I can´t see where´s the problem. I tryed
several times and the compilation process is always succesful but the
problem is always the same.
Thank U.

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