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On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 15:20 +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> John Babich wrote:
> >> As a matter of interest,
> >> what application is being used in the chapter on Photos?
> >> And can one run it later to add thumbnails,
> >> if the pictures are downloaded from the camera as jpegs?
> > 
> > Gthumb is normally available for thumbnailing. To be honest,
> > this section was written by someone else, as I didn't have a
> > digital camera available to me at the time. I would guess
> > that it's either gphoto2 (more a CLI than a GUI app) or, more
> > likely, f-spot. I personally like GQview, which is available in
> > extras, for jpeg viewing.
> I would suggest that the document should state clearly
> what application is in use.
> Connecting a camera in the way described
> does not bring up gthumb or f-spot on my Fedora-6 + KDE machine.

The target audience doesn't care about the application name, just the
functionality; see below for a more lengthy explanation.

> >> In general, is it assumed that one is running
> >> either Gnome or KDE in this document,
> >> and if so which?
> > 
> > GNOME is the default desktop manager in Fedora Core 6.
> > The desktop manager can be selected at installation time to
> > be GNOME or KDE or even xfce. Currently there's a very
> > active group working to provide full KDE functionality for KDE.
> > Historically, GNOME has been better supported, but this is
> > definitely changing.
> Again, I suggest that it should say that
> it is assumed the user is running Gnome,
> if that is indeed the assumption.

The DUG is designed for use by someone who may not be familiar with
general computer use.  They are assumed to NOT be familiar with UNIX or
Linux at all.  That means they don't (and possibly even can't)
distinguish between GNOME and KDE, so these terms are meaningless.  The
front page of the DUG¹ does state the assumptions, including that the
user is starting from a fresh "all-default" installation of Fedora Core
6.  For those of us (like you and me) that do know the difference,
obviously that means GNOME.

If you'd like to test the DUG for whether the instructions work, you're
probably going to need to do a default installation on a machine (or
virtual guest) to test it.  Remember to take defaults in the installer
wherever possible.  Let us know if the steps shown in the guide still
don't work for you.

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