Self Intro: Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor jmtaylor90 at
Tue Feb 13 18:25:17 UTC 2007

Well, you all have already read the subject no doubt so you know my
name... :) I live near Detroit, MI, USA (EST). I have been using RH for
some time now and since I am not a programmer figured helping write
documentation would be a good way for me to help out. I don't have any
prior experience so will probably need some direction as to how to get

I am open to writing/editing about any aspect of FC, although I have
more experience with FC in the server configuration/usage scenario
(professional experience as a network admin). I would be more than happy
to edit current docs for technical accuracy/typos/grammatical type errors.

That all being said, I look forward to helping and hopefully won't prove
to be a burden as I learn the ropes...


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