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On Tue, 2007-01-16 at 10:08 -0800, Eddie Elizondo, Jr. wrote:
> Hello.  This is Eddie Elizondo from Laredo, TX, US.  Other than strong
> grammatical and general writing skills, I don't have many
> qualifications to report.  I have been using Fedora since June 2006,
> with FC5 on my laptop and FC6 on my desktop.  I do not know code and I
> cannot write technical documents, but I can and want to contribute by
> editing draft and existing documentation for grammatical errors and
> general ease of reading.  I don't have any experience from previous
> projects, but there's no better way to start by using one's
> strengths.  
> I believe I've followed all the necessary instructions to get started.
> After creating a Fedora account, will I need to e-mail someone for
> special permissions to edit documents?  Thanks.

Just let us know on the list after you've done that (up through the CLA
requirement) and created a Wiki account.  We can add you to the
EditGroup and you can start editing!

Do you feel you could look at some of the existing documents' style and
try to mimic that in your editing?  That's not a make-or-break issue,
but we do aim for some consistent tone.  You can find some guidelines on
the wiki¹  -- it's rather long but worth a read if you plan on editing
for formal docs.

Of course, if you have any questions -- even if you think they're silly
-- we are eager and willing to help you help us. :-)  Feel free to post
here or on IRC Freenode² at #fedora-docs.


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