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Eddie Elizondo eddieelizondo at
Wed Jan 17 18:07:04 UTC 2007

My CLA has been accepted, and I have also created a wiki account under 
EddieElizondo.  I always agree with consistency, so I have gone through 
the style guide you linked here.  Also, I am willing/able to edit in the 
official docs found on  It'll take some time to get 
adjusted to the format that page and others are in, but I should be able 
to edit docs for grammar as according to the guidelines quicker. 
I've gone through several pages discussing this, but I'm hoping someone 
here can give me a quick rundown as to how the docs process works, where 
I come in, etc.  Also, will I need to setup CVS on my computer?


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Paul W. Frields wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-01-16 at 10:08 -0800, Eddie Elizondo, Jr. wrote:
>> Hello.  This is Eddie Elizondo from Laredo, TX, US.  Other than strong
>> grammatical and general writing skills, I don't have many
>> qualifications to report.  I have been using Fedora since June 2006,
>> with FC5 on my laptop and FC6 on my desktop.  I do not know code and I
>> cannot write technical documents, but I can and want to contribute by
>> editing draft and existing documentation for grammatical errors and
>> general ease of reading.  I don't have any experience from previous
>> projects, but there's no better way to start by using one's
>> strengths.  
>> I believe I've followed all the necessary instructions to get started.
>> After creating a Fedora account, will I need to e-mail someone for
>> special permissions to edit documents?  Thanks.
> Just let us know on the list after you've done that (up through the CLA
> requirement) and created a Wiki account.  We can add you to the
> EditGroup and you can start editing!
> Do you feel you could look at some of the existing documents' style and
> try to mimic that in your editing?  That's not a make-or-break issue,
> but we do aim for some consistent tone.  You can find some guidelines on
> the wiki¹  -- it's rather long but worth a read if you plan on editing
> for formal docs.
> Of course, if you have any questions -- even if you think they're silly
> -- we are eager and willing to help you help us. :-)  Feel free to post
> here or on IRC Freenode² at #fedora-docs.
> ¹
> ²

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