How do I edit the Fedora Wiki CustomKernel page?

Chuck Ebbert cebbert at
Mon Jun 18 15:42:58 UTC 2007

On 06/18/2007 10:42 AM, Sam Folk-Williams wrote:
>>> Docs folks - can this page be made generally editable?
>> That all said, we could technically set an individual ACL for this
>> document so the e.g. all of EditGroup can edit it.
>> I guess I'm in favor of that, since I know you are watching edits and
>> will fix stuff, etc.  But you have to understand it is a rather
>> temporary fix, not a permanent solution.  In the near future, if you
>> want the Custom Kernel to continue being a main, formal piece of content
>> instead of a community documentation effort, getting changes in to
>> is going to require a different yet
>> essentially similar process.
>> Is all that OK with you?
> Thanks for the explanation Karsten. Makes good sense. I wonder if this
> page should be a community page and not a formal page? I took the
> initiative to create it, but I'm not the subject matter expert. We
> definitely need those subject matter experts (like Chuck) to be able to
> edit. If making it a community page is the best way to do that then
> perhaps we should.
> Or if we could add specific people to the ACL for this page it that
> would also be good.
> Chuck - do you think this page should be editable by anyone or should we
> control access somewhat?

I think access should be controlled. Maybe we can just tell you what
needs changing...

For example, can you look at:

where the users are reporting that the directions don't quite work?

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