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Deependra Singh Shekhawat

#City, Country, TimeZone
Jodhpur, India, IST

Student: Doing Master of computer application from Engineering College

School of Engineering Jai Narain Vyas University Jodhpur, Rajasthan,

#Goals in Fedora Project

I want to write more about the existing guides covering the topics about
"Cobbler", "Virtualization" , "Python" etc.
In etc. I would like to include the different server packages like
sendmail, qmail, bind, apache, nfs and samba.
The above servers I have included because I have done RHCE (Redhat
certified Engineer) and in the past worked as a Redhat Trainer in a
local training partner here. So I would like to contribute my knowledge
into the Docs covering them.
I have included "Cobbler" and "virtualization" because I have been
experimenting with them for the past few months. Mainly configuring them
and testing them.
"Python" because I am currently learning it. If I can help in this it
will be my pleasure.

#Historical qualifications

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)
RHCE (Redhat Certified Engineer) in January 2006.
Redhat Trainer at local training center for 4 months.
Efficient in: C/C++/Data-Structures/User Interface Design/Network
Some knowledge in Python/RPM/GTK/PyGTK

I have been using Fedora and Redhat Enterprise Linux for about 3 years
for my personal use and otherwise.

#GPG KeyID and FingerPrint

[deepsa at localhost ~]$ gpg --fingerprint jeevanullas at
pub   1024D/483B234C 2007-06-29 [expires: 2008-06-28]
      Key fingerprint = ED45 62EA A4D7 53FB 44C7  774A D55B F3F0 483B
uid                  Deependra Singh Shekhawat (Fedora Project)
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Deependra Singh Shekhawat
irc at freenode: openbysource

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