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Bart Couvreur couf at
Sat Nov 17 10:26:34 UTC 2007

Hi all,

sorry for the lack of communication from my side, have been extremely
busy the last week or two. And then my mailserver broke done, fun all
over the place. So consider this as an answer to all mails (here and
there I'll quote in)

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone working on the AG right now: you have
all done a terrific job thus far and I must say I'm impressed with what
we've got ATM.

Vladimir Kosovac wrote:
> One question: some of the newer (like DNS) AdminGuide sections use the
> old layout, with TOCs but some others don't (like MailServer). My
> understanding is that we should avoid TOCs and multiple pages to ease
> wiki-->DocBook conversion. Is that correct?

Well I'd say we should indeed avoid stuff like using wiki-macro's, as
they tend to not get converted at all. I'd split out into multiple pages
when need be. As in: keep stuff as it is split right now, makes it easy
when we convert to DocBook to say this is a section, that's a
chapter, ....

Karsten Wade wrote:
> Could we target Sunday 25 Nov. for beginning the conversion to XML?

Yeah that seems to be a reasonable target. I'd like to get this done
early and we might want to create a docs hackfest around it: learning
how-to convert, splitting up the work: collaboration at it's best :-).
We could perhaps ask for the asterisk server to be setup for something
like this, but that might not help productivity, otoh: I'd like to hear
some peoples voice (don't ask me why).

To support this effort, I'm going to start proofreading the whole AG
from beginning and checking style and consistency etc. Just keep
whipping in stuff and I'll get to it later. If you think a section is
done, maybe we could add a tag at the top, like:

|| <!> '''Section is ready for editing, have at it''' ||

Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks again everyone involved :-)


Bart <couf at> <couf at>
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