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Re: The KDE-SIG needs (your) help

On 10/30/07, Sebastian Vahl <ml deadbabylon de> wrote:
> This is a request for participation:
> The KDE-SIG [1] is atm lacking active contributors. And we really need some
< snip >

Sorry for the delay in responding.

As a contributor and lead writer for the Fedora Docs Project, I
especially agree with the following:
> * Documentation writers: The documentation (esp. the DesktopUserGuide) is
> GNOME-centered. Help us to provide an equivalent for KDE.


As the lead writer for the Desktop User Guide (or DUG), I have plenty
of work for anyone who wishes to promote the KDE side of the house as
far as default apps installed when doing a "groupinstall KDE" or using
the KDE LIve CD.

An easy approach is to look at the existing GNOME-centric DUG and
write up the KDE equivalent of the GNOME applications in a given
section. For example, describe how to launch and use Konqueror as a
web browser.

Don't worry about where things fit in - I can take care of the
placement of the material in the appropriate section of the DUG.

Best Regards,

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Docs Project
Lead Writer, Desktop user Guide

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