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Re: cvsdocs requests

On Sun, 2007-11-25 at 15:42 +0300, John Babich wrote:
> On Nov 24, 2007 10:38 PM, Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com> wrote:
> >
> < snip >
> > I also see the mail when someone authorizes.  I don't recall seeing any
> > actual authorization *request* recently, though.  And as Karsten says,
> > we probably don't need to (and shouldn't) grant overall CVS access for
> > people who are going to be translating rather than authoring/editing.
> > No big deal as an open project, except for disaster prevention.
> >
> Not to be too bureaucratic, but do we have a clear-cut rule?
> Is it that anyone working on wiki docs, gets access? What about people
> wanting to translate wiki pages?
> What about people who only work on DocBook XML?
> I'm genuinely confused (no comments, please), so please give some
> guidelines or point to a written doc for my benefit and others.

Well, the translators have their own signup routines, as codified in the
Translation Quick Start Guide:


Note that the instructions only ask them to sign up for the "cvsl10n"
group (Sections 2.6 and 4).  I suppose we could put in a warning of some
sort, but that seems like overkill -- after all, the Packagers group
doesn't put up admonitions not to sign up for "cvsdocs," right?  All CVS
access is granted by need with an extremely low barrier, but in this
case the need is zero, since translators in the "cvsl10n" group
automatically can deal with any documentation's "po/" folder in CVS.

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