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Re: Self-Introduction: Malcolm Jacobson

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply.

Here's the rub, Malcolm:  Documentation from contributors, which we
welcome, has to be licensed in a way that we are free to distribute it,
and that anyone else is free to copy and redistribute.  We therefore
must have controls in place that allow you to affirmatively license your
work in that fashion.  Unfortunately, right now there are a couple too
many steps involved in doing this, but we are working hard to make this
easier for people like yourself, who just want to help with wiki-based
OK. I’ve written a fair bit of free (mainly Creative Commons licensed) content over the years, but I’ve never encountered the key/fingerprint process before. I look forward to the arrival of one-click licensing!
In the meantime, you can visit
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Join for instructions on
geting a Fedora account and wiki access.
Thanks. I had a read through the Fedora Documentation Style Guide today and I found the section on "Screenshots and Images" quite interesting. I understand the reasons why images are not preferred, but I would like to use at least one screenshot per page in my documentation. If I use more than one image per page will my documentation be rejected?

I also found a couple of typo's in the Style Guide. I'm not sure if they should be the subject of another email, so I'll just include them here:

1. On the "Content and Rendering" page


The second sentence is missing the word "of" between "types" and "information" (
Many writers use formatting to distinguish between different types information ...)

2. On the "Dates and Times" page


The third sentence of the third paragraph of the "Absolute Times" section is missing the "s" in the word "use" (For example, to ue precision ...).



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