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Wed Apr 9 12:41:56 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-04-09 at 15:34 +1000, Michelle Kim wrote:
> Paul W. Frields 쓴 글:
> >
> > I'm open to changing the date, no problem.  The folks in Red Hat BNE who
> > need to be involved should let us know here if that's a problem for
> > them.  So, a new primary meet time could be:
> >
> > Saturday, 10 May 2008, 0100 UTC/1100 Brisbane
> > = Friday, 09 May 2008, 2100 EDT/1800 PDT
> >
> > Anyone?
> >   
> Folks in Brisbane told me that they can't make it during the day on Saturday and I understand nobody wants to be working on the weekend. 
> Can we make it on Weekdays instead? Friday 11am would be better than Saturday 11am. 

I am fine with a Friday (BNE)/Thursday (US) time.  I don't think this is
really an "average docs user" conference, because we're going to be
talking about how the Makefile internals work and what technical issues
need to be resolved to integrate Publican into our Docs toolchain (along
with l10n issues).  People who aren't experienced in how all that works
will probably glean just as much from the logs, which of course we can
post here per usual.

That's just my opinion... suggestions?

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