Get Support link?

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Mon Apr 7 16:54:18 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I have no idea if there is any call for this or not, but I've just
whacked together a draft of something that I think might be useful.

It's basically a landing page for anybody new to Fedora, who is a
*user*, and wants to get some help. Currently, the links Documentation
and Communicate are a bit vague I think, and so I tried to create a page
that pulls together content that is exclusively useful for new users. It
tells them about #fedora, fedora-list, fedora forum, and docs.fp.o,
explaining what they are where new users coming from Windows/Mac might
be less familiar (i.e. IRC). 

It was partially inspired by my Dad! As I force my parents to use Fedora
I asked their opinion on the start page/home page and on the FUG. They
thought the FUG was excellent work, exactly what they needed, but the
links on the start/home page weren't clearer enough on how to get help. 

With this in mind, I have also created a css mock-up for the home page
based on the spins designs that incorporates an obvious, clear, get
support link at the top :p.

Would love a bit of feedback, 


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