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Re: Self Introduction

A belated introduction from a lurker. (Andrew Ross, I was in Brisbane last fall on business. Lovely city!)

Name: Karen Schneider
Location: Florida/Georgia
Profession: Community Librarian
Company: Equinox Software Inc. ("The Evergreen Experts" -- we support Evergreen OSS library automation software)

I have a variety of roles in the company and one emerging role is to help shape the direction of Evergreen documentation, including selecting and providing oversight for documentation writers on a grant project, helping to provide direction on schemas, style guides, etc., and whatever else comes up.  We are (very likely) adopting the Fedora styleguide, discussing a move from Dokuwiki to Docbook, integrating documentation into the development timeline, etc.

What other projects or writing have you worked on in the past?
 * I do not have a documentation background, though I have written two technical trade books and have an MFA in writing. I have published over 100 articles, mostly industry-specific trade articles for library and technology magazines, though also a handful of literary essays. (Yes, I think that counts -- writing is writing, and after reviewing a series of documentation contributions this only confirms for me that some folks have it and others do not.)

What level and type of computer skills do you have?

* I am a generalist with typical business skills (perhaps better than average). I have been online since 1990. I am not scared of a command prompt but also don't seek one out if I don't have to. ;) Like most librarians I have a good feel for structured data and for metadata.

What other skills do you have that might be applicable? User interface design, other so-called soft skills (people skills), programming, etc.
* I am teaching myself Docbook (next up, XSLT).
*I run a local writers' critique group (where I am informally known as their beloved "hard**s" ;) ) and have very good editorial/review/critique skills. If I can understand it, I can usually salvage it and can provide feedback at every level -- detailed/directive; suggestions; general advice; etc.
* In my decades in the full-time workforce I have initiated, hired for, and provided oversight for a variety of projects (including usability, software development, etc.) and have been an administrator of various flavors at various times.

What makes you an excellent match for the project?

* I don't know that I am an "excellent match" at this point. I'm sitting back and listening/learning. If a role opens up, I'll speak up. I'm always happy to look at anything you want me to.

| Karen G. Schneider
| Community Librarian
| Equinox Software Inc. "The Evergreen Experts"
| Toll-free: 1.877.Open.ILS (1.877.673.6457) x712
| kgs esilibrary com
| Web: http://www.esilibrary.com

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