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Re: Preparing for F11 Release Notes

I think we really need to define what the scope of the Release Notes
is going to be. Will it be just new features, known issues and
important bugfixes?


will it be all that + a mini installation guide? take the "Live" [1]
section as an example. Live images are nothing new in f10.

also after going though the release notes over the last couple of
days, i feel that they could also do with an overhaul on how the
information is structured and consequently presented... A solid
structure of the release notes would also make it significantly easier
to maintain the wiki <---> docbook relationship.


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Beats/Live

> Actually, that is a good point.  We would want to keep a few factoids
> there like minimum memory and so forth, because the Release Notes are
> probably an order of magnitude more consulted than the IG.  Those
> factoids also happen to be the most likely to change over time, so
> this sounds sensible to me.
> Whoever handles the Installer beat should probably check this strategy
> with the Anaconda team to make sure they're OK with it too.
> Paul


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