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Re: Preparing for F11 Release Notes

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 08:28:39AM +1000, ryan lerch wrote:
> I think we really need to define what the scope of the Release Notes
> is going to be. Will it be just new features, known issues and
> important bugfixes?
> or
> will it be all that + a mini installation guide? take the "Live" [1]
> section as an example. Live images are nothing new in f10.

Excellent point.  The combined audience for the Release Notes has
several objectives:

* evaluating whether to try this release
  * feature high points
  * are there deleterious or advantageous changes?
  * (?) what's different from [Distro_X]?
* first-timer trying to understand Fedora offerings
* [Others?]

IMHO, we want to duplicate content only judiciously, but reuse it
effectively.  The Release Notes and the Installation Guide are
definitely trying to achieve different things, but we also want to
make sure people finish looking at the Release Notes by saying, "Wow,
that sure was informative.  I feel ready to decide what to do now, and
I know what my next action needs to be."

> also after going though the release notes over the last couple of
> days, i feel that they could also do with an overhaul on how the
> information is structured and consequently presented... A solid
> structure of the release notes would also make it significantly easier
> to maintain the wiki <---> docbook relationship.

No argument here!  When we said we wanted fresh leadership on these
docs, it wasn't lip service.  I for one may pop up to discuss things
as a fellow Docs contributor, but that's what mailing lists and a
community process are for.  I see any overhaul as natural, and
something to be expected and welcomed.

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