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RPM Guide and RPM Max

At FUDcon, Florian Festi approached me about Docs updating the RPM Guide and the book, Maximum RPM, both of which have gotten a little stale. The RPM Guide was already on our radar, and Ben Cotton has taken point on getting that ready to be worked on.

Maximum RPM is currently hosted at rpm.org, and does not appear to have been built with the old doc tools. There seem to be some specific dependencies on Fedora 8, so there will be a little work converting it to something more up to date.

The other issue, though, is licensing. This probably won't be difficult to deal with but it is something that needs to be addressed. The current copyright holder is Red Hat.

We will probably discuss this at an upcoming Docs Team meeting, but I did want to give everyone a heads-up that this is going on. We may also want to carry on some discussion on an rpm.org mailing list so that community is also aware of the effort.

At this point not much has actually happened. Ben has moved the RPM Guide to git, but I don't think anything else has happened there, I have looked at the Maximum RPM sources and verified Florian's assessment that this isn't a straightforward build, and quaid is aware of the licensing issues.

The RPM Guide is at:

Maximum RPM is at


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