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Release Notes Schedule

As I dug into John Poelstra's schedule in more detail, I noticed a few issues that I hadn't noticed in earlier reviews. Specifically, very long times on some short tasks with short times on some more difficult tasks, and tasks out of order.

Since I don't have a really good feel for the guides, I put together what I thought was a more workable schedule for release notes only. Eric was going to look at guides. My strawman is at:


I fixed major milestones to the same dates that John had so hopefully we don't affect other teams. However, I did put a couple of L10N tasks on the list since they are tied closely to us. I have not, however, had any discussion with L10N as to whether these times make any sense at all to them.

John suggested we get together in a Gobby/Talk meeting to get this schedule into sync with his. I think we need to get the guides schedule integrated with this and include a representative from L10N in that meeting.

Because of the new definition of alpha and beta, our schedule looks a lot different than earlier releases. Specifically, since alpha should be "feature complete", we should have almost everything we need for release notes by alpha. That means the bulk of our work is between alpha and beta. However, since Beta should include more or less complete release notes, L10N will need time to translate them. That pushes Docs work forward some, meaning we will have a real scramble right around alpha, and L10N will have a pile of work just before beta. The upside is that the work before GA should be a little less onerous, and there should be little left to translate.

If we can make our plan of a table for all changes and prose only for significant effort required to convert plus highlighting high-profile features, there should be a lot less prose to write (and translate) than previous releases. We will, however, need some pretty aggressive wiki gardening to allow us to convert to XML quickly.

I would like everyone to take a really close look at this, and comment on it on this list. I think I have the major tasks identified, but it is always good to have more input.


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