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Re: Release Notes Schedule

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Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 8:41 AM
Subject: Re: Release Notes Schedule

Can you explain what the "Review f-r-n.html" tasks are for?  I noticed
that these take several days to a week and that L10n doesn't get the
content until after that happens.  Is this something that could be
combined with the XML conversion so that L10n could have a longer time
available to translate content?

If we do a really good job of wiki grooming, we shouldn't even need that, but it seems like we always discover a bunch of problems at the last minute. I was hoping to avoid the last-minute changes that frustrate the translators so.

HOWEVER, Sparks just informed me that I have the GA date wrong, so I need to go re-work that schedule. Don't know whether I was looking at the wrong schedule or just fat-fingered it, but it looks like we have an additional month.


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