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Re: Release Notes Schedule

Updated strawman at

I believe this is consistent with
as far as major milestones go, but f-12-docs-tasks does have a number of issues which this is intended to correct. Again, please go through this, see whether it makes sense. I left the reviews in there, but by eliminating them we could give L10N a little more time, at the possible cost of having more updates later.

This schedule does anticipate that the bulk of the release notes effort will be completed for beta, and the general availability release notes will simply be updates to reflect issues uncovered during beta. It remains to be seen how disciplined we can be about "feature complete".
Hello, I am noriko from FLP.
Thank you for offering us to review rel-note schedule.
I've gone through translation related entries.
* 4.7 Translate f-r-n for beta Sep 6 to Sep 26   21d
This seems not consistent with f-12-trans-tasks, which says Sep 9 to Sep 18.

* 4.8 Build f-r-n.rpm for beta Sep 29
A question, there is 2 days blank between 4.7 and 4.8. What is this for?

* 6.7 Translate f-r-n for GA Oct 20 to Oct 26  7d
This seems not consistent with f-12-trans-tasks, which says Oct 9 to Oct 16.

* Review translation not scheduled
Please set up 'Review translation'. Since we translate PO file, so it is extremely helpful if docs team can build html for review before the deadline.

* 7.4 Translate 0-day
I understand that docs team has little window for Zero Day Update. But let me become devil this time as experiment. Is any chance that rel-note team can place this entry before GA Public Availability 3-Nov for inclusion? Just tiny window is fine. I can not guarantee at all how many translators can respond.

That is all from me.

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