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Re: Almost-finalized: Marketing F12 schedule

(Marketing folks - this was asked on the Docs list in response to this email, so I thought it might be good to give a fuller explanation.)

It might be stupid question, sorry, what is this for?
Where is 'Localization'?

Thanks for the call-out - I should have been more clear when I sent out that email.

This email was basically announcing the almost-final (it will be frozen on Monday) Marketing schedule of what we'll be working on for the F12 release. It's here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule

I sent it to several other lists (including Docs) because one of the things we want to make sure is that our schedule is OK for all the other teams we'll have to work with on a deliverable, or send a deliverable to. For instance, if Marketing is supposed to make 1-page release notes for Docs, a milestone for that should be on the Marketing F12 schedule, and Docs has to be happy with the date of that Marketing milestone, so we can get stuff to you on time.

Not all the other teams were listed (for instance, as you pointed out, Localization wasn't mentioned) because we only have "deliverable due dates" for a few teams. We'll still be working with, listening to, and making stuff for all the other teams (and really, anyone working on Fedora who'd like Marketing help) - this list was just to make sure big schedule milestones all matched up. If you think we *should* have specific milestones for a team that isn't listed, please let us know!

Hope that explains a bit - and please, let me know if I should be going about this differently, or explaining things better... I'm trying to go around to coordinate individually with the owners of the various team schedules, so things should be taken care of, but I also wanted to let others on the teams that we'll be working with know why they might at some point get stuff from Marketing, or see Marketing people show up at particular meetings, and that kind of thing. ;)


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