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On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 9:10 PM, Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> More to come in the next mail (after dinner :) )

Hello there again,

The review continues:

Page 7:
>> LiveDVD Tuning – experience with kickstart
I don't know what you mean by that .

Normally, if you look at our kickstart file [1]:
Together with Jereon, we have dropped all OS related issues for
creating FEL livedvd, by just listing:
- kde-livecd ks (which requires the livecd.base)
- FEL packages
- FEL specific post settings

>From now on, we don't have any thing to do with the FEL ks, aside
adding extra packages. All the hardcore work is done by Fedora Release
Engineers + Red Hat engineers. Sometimes there are minor things to
correct, but that won't take one day. But testing requires a lot of

>> Co-operation with Desktop teams like Gnome, KDE etc. for Menu category discussions

Currently there is NO co-operation with KDE and Gnome!
There were some discussion between Debian devs, freedesktop devs,
electronics-menu upstream and I. But it ended where it started.
I guess you misunderstood my future proposals to FESCo. One of the
proposals will consist on setting a new _Fedora_ packaging guidelines
on packages that land their %{name}.desktop in the science&maths
KDE/GNOME menus. The intention is to avoid multiple desktop menu
entries by Scientific packages such as Octave and Qtoctave. The
packaging guidelines that I will propose (together with Fedora KDE
maintainer KevinKolfer) will also ensure that scientific applications
such as Scilab which don't include a desktop file among their sources,
have a proper Category entry in their fedora SRPM package.
The reason that there is no cooperation with KDE and Gnome on this
matter is simply because it doesn't concern them !. It concerns the
freedesktop menu entries. Their devs have acknowledged the actual
confusion with "science" menu category with "education" category. Once
the packaging guidelines which I'll write in the upcoming weeks will
be adopted by FESCo, it will be easier to get Debian involved as well
to push these to Freedesktop devs. Thus the desktop ecosystem will
benefit from it. Since, no one has stepped up to take such
responsabilities and based on my limited time, I guess it is the only
way to get the job done.

>> Increase the availability of quick start tutorials and examples as a package itself

Currently there are only one/two mailing list post about this. NO ONE
has taken the initiative to do such thing. Unless there is a formal
statement from someone, you can't add/talk about it.

All FEL packages include their upstream documents and examples in
their rpms or sub packages, such as -doc. Currently neither
you(aanjhan), Thibault and I have agreed on such a work.

... talk about scilab, we are striving currently to get all its
required BuildRequires: approved before F11.

>> Page 9,

A short note: I don't recall what her name is, but she took this photo
during one of our measurements and later the group did post processing
of the datas on LabPlot and octave+homemade quaternions models.

this applies to anyone:
If you have any doubt about anything, anything, even the stupidiest
thing about FEL, feel free to talk about it to be _before_ the
presentation. And be sure when you talk about something, to be able to
answer questions about it. It is not a shame for not being able to
answer a question during the presentation. It is normal and even my
case. Tell them that honestly you don't know, but the mailing list is
here for that. I always say "Humans aren't met to know everything."

Kind regards,

[1]: http://chitlesh.fedorapeople.org/FEL/10/livedvd.html

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