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#14: Component libraries
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Component:  FEL          |     Version:  10      
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 I love the concept of FEL and I have FEL 10 installed.  I  have tried
 gSchem and Kicad before and the main problems I have are the lack of a
 broad component library.  Will there be a move to create a component
 library to share?  I see a site that has a conversion of Eagle libraries
 but I am not sure as to the legality or quality.

 Without offense, having gSchem, Kicad, and Xcircuit in the release, it
 seems like a lack of direction.  I would pay for a GPL release that was
 focused and had a solid user supported component libraries.  I ma not a
 great programmer so I am not sure how I can help.

 duncan.mcnamara at gmail.com

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