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#14: Component libraries
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 Hello Duncan,

 gSchem, kicad and xcircuit serves two design flows:
 - ASIC design (xcircuit)
 - PCB design (kicad,gEDA)

 This blog post explains a basic ASIC design flow in which xcircuit plays
 an important role:

 As for PCB design, we currently have kicad and gEDA. I personally
 recommend gEDA as its developers are very active and they listen to the
 community's suggestions.

 The gEDA community has also a website dedicated for symbols and many
 scripts to automate the design flow.

 It is true however that we lack a robust component libraries for both ASIC
 design and PCB design. If you are willing to help I would suggest you to
 create symbols and footprints for your favourite devices
 (fpga,memory,converters,amplifiers) of your favourite manufacturer (analog
 devices, xilinx,..). Afterwards, we will push your symbols and footprints
 to the gEDA package (geda-symbols). What do you think ?

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