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#23: Package qtdmm
  Reporter:  zap            |       Owner:  sherry151
      Type:  task           |      Status:  new      
  Priority:  minor          |   Milestone:  Fedora 12
 Component:  analog design  |     Version:  devel    
Resolution:                 |    Keywords:           
Changes (by chitlesh):

  * owner:  chitlesh => sherry151



 your spec file needs a lot of work. It seems to me that it comes from suse
 or mandriva as it is not compatible with Fedora packaging guidelines.

 I recommend you to follow sherry's spec as example especially the sequence
 of the Name, Version, Release upto the description.

 This is the most important part and the first thing reviewers look at. All
 fedora spec files should follow the same template.

 Update your spec file accordingly. Beautiful spec files attract more
 reviewers and the quicker the package will be approved.

 Also for Fedora Electronic Lab we have a special menu structure for
 desktop files provided by electronics-menu. See sherry's spec file for
 more details.

 As for your new desktop file, it should be in the form of a patch. The
 reason behind this is that fedora is upstream oriented and as a packager
 your changes or modifications should be sent to upstream. Hence you can
 send your patches and [[BR]]
 1) upstream will add your name in their changelog[[BR]]
 2) you don't need to fix the spec file again, but just remove the
 3) it make review process easy to understand your modifications[[BR]]


 I appreciate you are getting involved in the reviewing process as well. It
 helps you gain experience quietly. And also in the future, I will need you
 to review my packages :)

 As for your spec file, whenever you base your spec file from other, append
 the changelog and not clean it. This helps to understand difference
 decisions taken in the past.

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