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Re: Bugzilla usage (was: Re: kmymoney2)

Ville Skyttä wrote :

> > However, I do think that if you want something
> > tracked over the long term it needs to be in bugzilla.
> Right.

This pretty much sums up the discussion about what to use bugzilla for. As
for me, initial packaging discussions, before anything is released, aren't
really suited for bugzilla entries. Sure, they'll stay there for the long
term, but for what purpose? If it's about tricks, patches etc. to get the
package right, then that just needs to be put as comments in the spec file.
Also, these kind of packaging problems, if reported upstream, are often
fixed in later versions of the software... so things discussed become
irrelevant, thus there isn't much point in keeping those discussions

Regarding the software that will never be able to make it into Fedora, may
it be Core, Extras or any other part, I also agree that we need a list
somewhere for reference and where to direct recurrent requests. I guess a
Wiki page would be enough, with a list of obvious reasons "Copyrighted
material", "Patented code in the USA", "Non-free license" etc. and lists of
precise software concerned.


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