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Re: Request for Review: perl-Tk

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Ville Skyttä wrote:

> Sure did, but didn't find time to look into it until now.  Here goes: ;)


> perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_*) should be enough for the install time dependency,
> no need for explicit versioned "Requires: perl >= 3:5.8.3" if you like
> (as long as the versioned build dependency is there).

ok ... gone

> BuildRequires: tk-devel missing?

builds fine without it...

> My specfile has in %prep:
> chmod -x pod/Popup.pod Tixish/lib/Tk/balArrow.xbm


> The LD_RUN_PATH stuff is generally needed for < FC2 arch-dependent
> specfiles.  But IIRC I packaged this initially for FC3, and I still had
> it in (and unlike your specfile, I applied the hack to all Makefiles in
> the build perl-Tk build tree), so it could be something different.  If
> you have fedora-rpmdevtools installed and check-rpaths and friends in
> your ~/.rpmmacros' %__arch_install_post, it will complain about spurious
> RPATHs if any are present at end of %install.

nope don't have that... maybe something I should look at... for now added it for
all makefiles...

> I think there's no need to install demos in the perl vendor install dirs
> (nor own the "auto" dir or include fix_4_os2.pl or reindex.pl).  I
> installed the demos as %doc, along with more license files, see
> attachment.

makes sense... done


So are we ok with the current version and can I go ahead an import it? Somebody
willing to approve this?

- - Andreas

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