ipython anyone?

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Mar 1 15:33:14 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 07:27 -0800, Shahms King wrote:
>This post really has two questions, the first being: What do I need to
>do to get ipython (http://ipython.scipy.org) included in Extras?
>The project distributes packages that work on FC3 already, but given
>that they include "py23" and "py24" as the release number, I'm guessing
>they need to be cleaned up to match Fedora guidelines.
>This brings up my second, more general question.  Is this the proper
>forum for requesting package additions? Or should I really just stand up
>and say "I'm willing to maintain this package for Extras" and start the
>QA process in bugzilla?

Do it here, Starting the QA process in bugzilla just means fewer people
hear about it.


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