Packages removed from Core

Quentin Spencer qspencer at
Wed Mar 16 15:57:34 UTC 2005

Now that the first test release of FC4 is out, is there a list anywhere 
of packages that have been removed? Is there a specific plan for 
transitioning these packages to extras, or will they just be added as 
people volunteer to take over them?

One of the packages removed from core is octave, and the related 
libraries blas and lapack. While they serve a niche group of users, they 
are very important for scientific applications, and it would be a shame 
to not have them in extras by the time the final FC4 is released. I 
volunteered in the past to take over octave, but I am also volunteering 
to take over blas and lapack. I have updated my entry on the "begging 
for sponsors" page to indicate this. I posted a link to two SRPMs I have 
created a while ago, but I have received no feedback. Does this mean 
nobody has looked at them yet? I realize that it is not likely there are 
many octave users on this list, but I believe octave really is critical 
if Fedora is to be taken seriously as a platform for scientific 
computing, so I encourage anyone looking to sponsor someone new to take 
a look at my packages.


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