Packages removed from Core

Elliot Lee sopwith at
Wed Mar 16 18:16:59 UTC 2005

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005, Quentin Spencer wrote:

> Now that the first test release of FC4 is out, is there a list anywhere 
> of packages that have been removed?

The list at is 
supposed to be it.

> Is there a specific plan for transitioning these packages to extras, or
> will they just be added as people volunteer to take over them?

Volunteers are definitely wanted. Without them, there's no point in having 
the packages in extras CVS.

> One of the packages removed from core is octave, and the related 
> libraries blas and lapack. While they serve a niche group of users, they 
> are very important for scientific applications, and it would be a shame 
> to not have them in extras by the time the final FC4 is released. I 
> volunteered in the past to take over octave, but I am also volunteering 
> to take over blas and lapack. I have updated my entry on the "begging 
> for sponsors" page to indicate this. I posted a link to two SRPMs I have 
> created a while ago, but I have received no feedback. Does this mean 
> nobody has looked at them yet? I realize that it is not likely there are 
> many octave users on this list, but I believe octave really is critical 
> if Fedora is to be taken seriously as a platform for scientific 
> computing, so I encourage anyone looking to sponsor someone new to take 
> a look at my packages.

I use octave myself, so I have a personal interest in seeing it packaged. :)

There are definitely hiccups going on with the review & approval
processes. Please be patient and keep trying, and even pitch in and help
fix the processes where you see things broken.

Michael Schwendt has a big interest in seeing reviews happen, so he may be
a good person to e-mail directly to see if he can track down a volunteer
to review your packages.

-- Elliot

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