Packages removed from Core

Quentin Spencer qspencer at
Wed Mar 16 19:57:08 UTC 2005

seth vidal wrote:

>>+1 when we've got sufficient infrastructure built out.  :)
>>I like, in general, the notion of having "blessed" and "not blessed"  
>>package sets.  In practice, it may take us a while to get there.
>What's the motivation for people to review if things in 'unblessed'
>'mostly' work?
This is somewhat like Debian "Unstable" and "Testing" (our equivalent of 
"Stable" is probably RHEL). Lots of developers in the Debian world use 
unstable packages that "mostly" work, but regular users use testing or 
stable. I assume that a Core release would be preconfigured to install 
things from "blessed", but not "unblessed" without specifically 
configuring it to do so. So, something would need to be in "blessed" 
before it really is available to the masses.


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