Fedora extras and opensource games with shareware datafiles

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Wed Mar 30 20:24:30 UTC 2005

seth vidal wrote:
>   My name is Seth, not Erm, it's a common misspelling, though. :-D
>>The idea was to add an shareware-data rpm for those who don't have the 
>>registered version Yes.
>>1) It is not as if sourcecode for the datafiles exist, they are after 
>>all data, not Machine instructions. The data can be edited with freely 
>>available tools. How does this differ from png's distributed with other 
>>2) I thought that oss programs needing closed data/firmware was OK as 
>>long as the data/firmware is freely redistributable. Isn't the plan for 
>>example to distribute intell wireless firmware in core as soon as it 
>>some problems with it not being 100% freely redistributable are fixed.
>>If something is good enough for core, then why isn't it good enough for 
> I think firmware falls under a different category but IANAL. We should
> ask the fedora legal folks. Want me to ping at the powers-that-be about
> this?

Yes please,

And please note that this about freely redistributable, no royaltees 
shareware data files. Nty about shareware datafiles whos license 
contains stuff like non commercial use only, or internet distribution 
only. Although I guess that if it is decided that the general concept of 
freely distributable shareware data files is ok, each datafile's license 
still needs to be checked seperatly.



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