FUSE - Z80 ROM documentation

Paul F. Johnson paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Thu Sep 1 21:14:24 UTC 2005


> * The emulator.
> * The ROMs.
> I am happy with the emulator.  I think it's safer *not* to ship the ROMs 
> themselves.

Eh? The ROMs are essential for all of the 8 bit machines and the wording
from Amstrad is that as long as you're not selling (which we're not),
then you have their blessing.  It does get a bit fuzzy in that if you're
charging, as long as it's not for the ROMS, they're cool with it.

> And yet, I will defer to Spot's analysis, since he is the owner of the 
> packaging guidelines.  Spot, if you need me to get better legal advice, I 
> will.

I'll hold off for now. I would appreciate it though if you could ask the
RH law-type-folks over the packaging of the ROMS. Remember, these ROMS
are not the same as a MAME or SNES ROM, but are (effectively) the OS of
the machine.


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