FUSE - Z80 ROM documentation

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Thu Sep 1 20:55:21 UTC 2005

There are two separate questions:

* The emulator.
* The ROMs.

I am happy with the emulator.  I think it's safer *not* to ship the ROMs 

And yet, I will defer to Spot's analysis, since he is the owner of the 
packaging guidelines.  Spot, if you need me to get better legal advice, I 


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On Thu, 1 Sep 2005, Paul F. Johnson wrote:

> Hi,
> > You might be able to clarify the situation by contacting the upstream
> > copyright holder (sinclair? amstrad?) and getting them to provide (in
> > digital writing) permission to freely distribute the ROMS without any
> > restriction.
> Amstrad bought Sinclair lock, stock and barrel in 1986. The posting URL
> I posted up was from one of the people from Amstrad and someone on
> comp.sys.sinclair
> > Even getting them just to say "We permit our ROMS to be freely
> > distributed without restriction" will meet the FE guidelines.
> Okay, we have three camps here.
> 1. Don't do it, naughty restrictions.
> 2. As long as Amstrad say do it, do it (Tom).
> 3. Go with it, I'm happy (Greg).
> Can I have a clear, one voice as to what I have to do here. I don't have
> a problem contacting Amstrad (though how quick they'll reply is another
> matter!), but considering Greg has said he's happy, is there any milage
> in doing it?
> Paul
> (waiting on his lovely, cuddly packages to be reviewed)
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