Creative Commons license for pictures

Christian Jodar tian at
Wed Sep 28 06:43:57 UTC 2005


> If the copyright holder for the artwork lets you dual license it as
> GPL and anything else... you don't have a problem. But since you
> aren't the copyright holder for the artwork... you can't be the one to
> offer the dual license.

OK. But AFAIU, the most restrictive license is actually useless as users will
be able to use GPL if they want to.

> What's not clear to me from this conversation
> is if the artist is willing to dual license as GPL or not.

In fact I don't know for the moment. I asked them and should get an answer soon.

If they don't want to change it from CC, it is clear for me, that I will have
to provide a version without pictures for FE and make separate package (out of
FE) for pictures.

If GPL is used, everything is nice.

But there is an intermediate situation for which I think a final answer should
be provided. Not only for my case (because I will maybe be in one of the
previous situation) but as it may occur again (and in fact it already occured
for torcs-data). I really understand that artists don't want to use a license
initially made for softwares. Even in the official text, there is:

How to Apply These Terms to Your New ***Programs***

(stars added for emphasis)

So there are 2 simple questions:

- Could Free Art license be used for Fedora Extras packages?
- Is that possible to have in the same package source code under GPL license
and art work under the Free Art one (if answer to first question is yes)?

Are they some lawyers for Fedora Extras (or Fedora Core)? Because they should
provide these answers once and for all. Maybe there is a more appropriate
mailing list for these questions but I didn't find something like

Thanks a lot to anyone that could help answering these questions.


PS: You may already noticed that english is not my mother tongue. So I hope my
questions are well formulated. Feel free to let me know if something is

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