[Bug 187964] Review Request: bsd-games - A collection of text-based games

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Wed Apr 5 12:53:34 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: bsd-games - A collection of text-based games


------- Additional Comments From wart at kobold.org  2006-04-05 08:53 EST -------
Yes, these are setgid for shared scoreboard files.  Most of the games aren't
setgid, so only a few need to be checked.  From the cursory glance that I made
it seems that ~10 of them will require a little work.

dm is a tool to let a system administrator control access to the various games.
 You can move a game binary to %[_libdir} and make a link from dm to it's old
name in %{_bindir}.  Once that's done then you can use the dm configuration
files to control the times during the day that the program can be run, who is
allowed to run it, or disable access to it altogether.

It turns out there is a license file that describes the license text that is
included with each game.  That should work well enough.

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