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Summary: Review Request: ssmtp


pertusus at free.fr changed:

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------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2006-04-09 06:06 EST -------
Don't you need a sponsor? If you don't I'll assign that bug to myself, otherwise
you should seek a sponsor.

Here are my comments, even though I cannot sponsor you:

* %configopt is useless, just substitute the value

* Shouldn't provide smtpdaemon, as it doesn't accepts mail. You can have a look at 

* similarly it is arguable whether it should provide MTA or not

* it is useless to provide explicitely files that are allready distributed,
namely %{_sbindir}/ssmtp

* use consistently %{buildroot} or $RPM_BUILD_ROOT

* don't install ssmtp in sbindir but in bindir

* generate_config_alt shouldn't be called that way, but maybe ssmtp_config

* the ssmtp man page shouldn't have an added .ssmtp. And mta-ssmtpconfman and
mta-ssmtpman are useless in the alternatives call.

* the alternatives --auto seems dubious to me.

* %{_sysconfdir}/ssmtp/ should be owned, add in %files
%dir %{_sysconfdir}/ssmtp/

* add the release in the changelog entry

* [ %{buildroot} != "/" ] is useless

* missing 
Requires(post): %{_sbindir}/alternatives
BuildRequires: openssl-devel

* the ssmt.stuff.diff seems to be the debian patch for unstable. It should be
named like the debian patch in that case, and a comment in the spec file could
be usefull. Also I think it is better to base fedora packages on debian unstable
for such cases, it seems it is what you did, but in that case I think the url
should point to the unstable.

* I personally think that System Environment/Daemons isn't cery right for ssmtp
as it isn't a daemon but only a client. For esmtp I used Applications/Internet,
but feel free to chose what you prefer.

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