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Summary: Review Request: ssmtp


------- Additional Comments From wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro  2006-04-09 21:05 EST -------
Thank for the helpful comments, Patrice !
Yes, I will need a sponsor, but I've thought I could ask for one when the
package gets in a neater shape.

I did consider not including smtpdaemon in provides, but this is a tough
decision and I would definitely like to hear a second opinion. The problemn is
that there are packages in Base (such as mdadm) which claim that they require
smtpdaemon, although they make either direct use of /usr/sbin/sendmail or via
the mail command. In my case I was interested exactly by the fact that I do NOT
want/need to have a daemon listening on port 25. Same goes for MTA.

Without the alternatives --auto call, a default mta would not be restored if the
package is removed, this is why I think that the script should be kept.
The reasons I have placed ssmtp in /usr/sbin are that both sendmail and postfix
place the sendmail binary in /usr/sbin and so does the Debian provided ssmtp,
too. Since applications actually look after /usr/sbin/sendmail which is a
symlink (via alternatives mta) to the real binaries, I guess I could move ssmtp
to /usr/bin. However I kind of think that maintaining the placement as chosen by
the authors of the program is a good idea.

New spec and src.rpm are available at http://wdl.lug.ro/linux/ssmtp/ssmtp.spec
and http://wdl.lug.ro/linux/ssmtp/ssmtp-2.61-2.src.rpm , respectively. The old
spec has been renamed to ssmtp.v1.spec, in case anyone whishes to compare the
Major changes: (hopefully) fixed a bug in the pre/post scriptlets; as suggested,
dropped the double ssmtp in the files' name and the [ %{buildroot} != "/" ]
test; completely removed the generate_config_alt script (I have found a bug in
it and I intend to provide another script, given the time to write it; the
provied ssmtp.conf file only needs 3-4 lines to be edited so I hope it's not a
major burden); changed the group to Applications/Internet; renamed the patch;
added openssl/openssl-devel to requires/buildrequires. Other minor changes are
listed in the Changelog.

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