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Summary: Review Request: hugs98 - Haskell Interpreter


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------- Additional Comments From petersen at redhat.com  2006-04-18 05:25 EST -------
Apologies for "sitting" on this for too long.

0) <http://cvs.haskell.org/Hugs/downloads/2005-03/>
Upstream are now using YYYY-MM to label download dirs at least,
so I wonder if it is better to use 2005.03 say for the version.
(eg Gentoo is using 2005.3)

1) rpmlint complains:

W: hugs98 invalid-license BSDish, see License file, GPL, LGPL

I think just calling it BSD would be sufficient.

2) There seems to a small build problem on fc5:
Compiling FFI stubs
../../../src/ffihugs -98 -P../../../hugsdir/packages/OpenAL: -i"HsOpenAL.h"
../../../hugsdir/packages/OpenAL/Sound/OpenAL/AL/Buffer.hs -Iinclude
-DCALLCONV=ccall -lopenal
runhugs: Error occurred
ERROR "../../../hugsdir/packages/OpenAL/Sound/OpenAL/AL/BasicTypes.hs":70 -
Undefined type constructor "HTYPE_ALCLAMPD"

Skipping OpenAL package

but probably openal support is not that important and
could be skipped for now on fc5.

3) Probably the description should be made more concise.

4) md5sum is good

5) buildrequires need to be updated for modular X: I attach a diff below.

6) builds fine with mock on fc4 and fc5 x86_64

7) Perhaps it is a good idea to configure --with-pthreads?

8) if demos/ (2.3MB) is to be included, it must be subpackaged into
a separate subpackage (say hugs98-demos).

Otherwise looks good to me.  I think if at least 0, 1, 5, and 8 are addressed
this package can be accepted.

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