[Bug 181404] Review Request: emacs-muse

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Mon Apr 24 16:14:51 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: emacs-muse


------- Additional Comments From jonathan.underwood at gmail.com  2006-04-24 12:14 EST -------
Hi Warren - I agree, there's no real problem, technically - in fact, that's what
I've done. I'm just worried from the user perspective. Perhaps I am worrying too
much though, given that the user would have to install muse and emacs-muse
(and/or xemacs-muse) and so should know to look for a module called muse and not

I would like to add though, that I think the approach used here (muse,
emacs-muse, xemacs-muse from a muse srcrpm) is much more preferable to having
muse muse-emacs and muse-xemacs which is what the mew model would give.
Prepending the interpreter is following the current guidelines.

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