Unorphan: monkey-bubble

Michael J Knox michael at
Sun Apr 30 18:35:26 UTC 2006

Wart wrote:
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> Hans de Goede wrote:
>> Regards,
>> Hans
>> p.s.
>> I'm also thinking about unorphaning monkey-bubble, but first I'm trying
>> to get it to build (and run) with gstreamer-0.10 the version in CVS want
>> gstreamer-0.6 upstream has a newerversion which works with gstreamer-0.8
>> but since upstream seems dead I would rather have it build against 0.10 .
> Michael Knox asked to take over monkey-bubble a month ago, but needed a
> sponsor at the time before he could do so.  You might want to coordinate
> with him.

Yup and there is an updated srpm in bugzilla from me for it. I just 
haven't updated the owners list yet.


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