Unorphan: monkey-bubble

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at
Sun Apr 30 19:56:16 UTC 2006

Michael J Knox wrote:
> Wart wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Hans de Goede wrote:
>>> Regards,
>>> Hans
>>> p.s.
>>> I'm also thinking about unorphaning monkey-bubble, but first I'm trying
>>> to get it to build (and run) with gstreamer-0.10 the version in CVS want
>>> gstreamer-0.6 upstream has a newerversion which works with gstreamer-0.8
>>> but since upstream seems dead I would rather have it build against
>>> 0.10 .
>> Michael Knox asked to take over monkey-bubble a month ago, but needed a
>> sponsor at the time before he could do so.  You might want to coordinate
>> with him.
> Yup and there is an updated srpm in bugzilla from me for it. I just
> haven't updated the owners list yet.

Ah luckily you didn't put too much work in it, so my work is not in
vain. For example you didn't fix the icon being put in the wrong place,
nor did you fix the scripts to properly handle the gconf schemas as
described in the wiki. Also you fixed the compile by removing the
-Werror, whereas I have just finished a patch which fixes it by fixing
the warnings. Also your srpm seems based on gstreamer-0.8 where we now
have gstreamer-0.10. I've another patch which massages monkey-bubble
into using gstreamer-0.10 because I don't want to unorphan something
while it is using a compat-lib.

Michael, besides not updating owners.list you also didn't import it into
CVS, otherwise I would have based my work on your version. Anyways I'm
almost done bringing this fully up to spec (pun intended), after I'm
done with that I'll import my version into CVS (since that one is IMHO
clearly better). After this the remainging question is, who's name are
we going to put in owners.list? Do you want to maintain it including my
move to gstreamer-0.10 massaging, or shall I?



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