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Re: Proper Source0 URL for sf.net hosted projects?


> I was wondering what the correct Source0 URL for sourceforge.net hosted
> projects is?
> I've seen both:
> http://dl.sf.net/<project-name>/<file-name>
> and:
> http://dl.sf.net/sourceforge/<project-name>/<file-name>
> And they both seem to work, however I believe that the first form
> working is a matter of luck (hitting the right mirror) and the second
> form always works, is this correct?

Yes - one points to the other. Personally, I always list the URL of a
mirror (in my case, kent) as SF has been known to fall dead when it
comes to redirecting or getting files directly from their own server.

> Maybe we should document this somewhere?

I'd actually say that the packager lists the mirror as the URL rather
than sf.net


"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
Dr Who

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