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Re: Some BZ cleanups

jspaleta gmail com said:
> In the future it might be best if you looked for bugs not assigned to gdk
> that are blocking FE-NEW to get a more accurate listing.

Right.  Point taken...

> You also have to watch out for situations where reviewers who can not claim
> sponsership mistakenly take assignment, realize they shouldn't have, and then
> assign back to gdk.  I'd love to know how frequently this sort of thing
> happens with new submitters so I can gauge whether or not its a problem worth
> worrying about. For example: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/
> show_activity.cgi?id=168690

> Though perhaps its time to replace gdk with a virtual assignee specifically
> set up for FE-NEW tickets that could be consistently searched for when making
> cleanup lists like this. 

Speaking about which: could it be a good idea to have two virtual assignees: 
 - one for new contributors seeking a sponsor
 - one for the rest of us

Or maybe that's overly complicated...


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