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Re: Mono in Extras

On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 11:18:26AM +0000, Paul F. Johnson waffled thusly:
> Hi,
> > I guess we should somehow start packaging Mono and friends for FC4, and
> > also look for interesting packages not in Core for FC4/5.
> > 
> > No?
> Sounds like a plan. The problem is what the FC developers consider
> should be in extras and what is in core. For example, would monodoc and
> monodevelop be core or extras? Arguments can be made both ways.
> I seriously think though the MySQL connector from the MySQL website
> *needs* to be part of core as ByteFX really isn't very good.

I'll add a +1 for the MySQL connector. (We have customers using it in a
.NET/Windows environment too and it works pretty well)

The author of the ByteFX connector was hired by MySQL AB IIRC, and the
MySQL connector itself is based on this code. I'd consider the ByteFX
version comatose if not completely dead. :-)




> Paul

Michael Fleming <mfleming enlartenment com>
"Bother" said the Borg, "We've assimilated Pooh!"

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